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Senior Concierge helps seniors and their families have increased freedom and peace of mind. Our concierge services and specialized social work services for seniors fill a niche not currently met by home health care aides or visiting nurse services, allowing our clients to relax and enjoy time with their friends and family without worrying about day-to-day matters. We serve New York City seniors in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

We guard your privacy. Unlike many assisted living services, we are independent and will not share any of your personal information with city or state agencies, unless you direct us to. We come to your home or apartment.

Senior Concierge is a lifesaver for adult children and grandchildren, who feel good about getting independent, objective help in planning for the future and managing the present.

Family living far from their relatives ("long-distance caregivers") are spared expensive last-minute plane fares, hotel rooms and lost days at work, making Senior Concierge a money-saver as well.

Who Hires Senior Concierge?

Both younger and older seniors benefit from our services. Most seniors want to avoid nursing homes at all costs.

Young seniors who have recently retired from executive-level careers and no longer have an assistant to manage their affairs use Senior Concierge to plan vacations, dinners, obtain tickets to the theater, and help plan for an active retirement.

Staying at home is a prime concern for older seniors. They may ask Senior Concierge to provide a higher level of assistance. This can include managing multiple medical appointments, coordinating home health care, arranging for legal issues to be taken care of, and even taking care of mundane but important tasks, such as laundry and pet care.

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